Professional Training

Domestic Violence in the Workplace

Trainings regarding Domestic Violence in the Workplace are available. These trainings cover the basics of what domestic violence is, the economic and emotional impact that domestic violence has on the workplace, and how to support and protect an employee who is or has experiences domestic violence in their personal life.

Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Info for Medical Professionals

Trainings for medical professionals on the issues of domestic violence and sexual assault are available. Information covered in these trainings include how appropriately and properly screen patients, how to ask follow-up questions if abuse or an assault is suspected, how to make appropriate referrals, and what to expect when working with patients who have experienced domestic violence and/or sexual assault.

Child Care Professionals

Trainings are available for child care professionals. Information covered during these trainings includes forms of child abuse, signs and indicators of child abuse, child sexual abuse, mandated reporting, and teaching personal safety concepts to children.